CleanZoneTM is a unique sustainability platform that aligns the standards for green cleaning products, processes, equipment, and management practices into a simple, easy-to-use certification. Whether you need to mitigate risk by reducing the negative impacts on your health and the environment, provide a basis for performance measurement and management practices, prepare a sustainability program for your company, or simply plan for whatever lies ahead, CleanZoneTM will help you achieve your sustainability goals.

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Sustainability Benefits

  • Workplace Wellness Programs to Reduce Lost Work Days & Absenteeism
  • Cleaning & Management Procedural Standards to Improve Quality & Productivity
  • Preparedness Planning
  • Sustainable Products & Systems to Reduce Consumption & Total Cleaning Costs
  • LEED Readiness – To Prepare You for LEED Certification (USGBC 2009 O&M)

Communication Tools

  • Expert Advice to Develop Your Environmental Policy
  • Document Development to Communicate Your Program via Company Newsletter, Local News & Trade Publications
  • CleanZoneTM Certification Plaque & Marketing Tools to Promote Your Certified Environment1

We recognize everyone has different green goals and initiatives. CleanZoneTM has the tools and oversight to help you develop your plan, implement the process, and support you where you need us most.

Level I

Sustainable Products and Services

  • Sustainable Cleaning Management & Procedural Standards
  • Sustainable Cleaning Products
  • Sustainable Cleaning Tools and Equipment
  • Commitment to Source Reduction
  • Air Care System and Matting

Level II

Sustainable Systems and Programs

  • Commitment to Transactional / Business Efficiency
  • Corporate Environmental Policy
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Workplace Wellness Program
  • Green Washrooms
  • Recycling Program
  • Smoke-free Building & Exterior Smoke Zone

Level III

Sustainable Facility Management Program

  • Implementation of Cleaning Assessment Procedures
  • Utilization of Quality Assurance Program
  • Inventory Management
  • Project Scheduling